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EZ Moving Services

27636 Ynez Rd #349,
Temecula, CA 92591
United States


Your home or curb does not need to be filled with things you no longer want anymore. Having junk in your home during a move can be understandably frustrating and confusing. We will personally come to your home to remove bags and boxes and trash them in the appropriate place. We can even provide you with a list of Goodwill places that would take your unwanted items.

Our specially designed moving checklist allows you to efficiently prepare for your move. Completing this checklist well in advance will help you immensely when the time comes for the physical move.

• Sort the junk: Browse through every room in your home and weed out the things you haven't used. Be sure to note any broken items and store them in a safe place if you wish to have them fixed. Pay special attention to items that may require insurance or special packing.

• Create a binder: Creating a moving binder will help you keep track of your inventory. Place all receipts in this binder as well for your records. When you are settled in to your new home or office, inventory is much easier to keep track of when you have written it down beforehand.

• Prepare your children: Going through a move with children can be hectic. A move for a child can be a scary experience, no matter how old they are. It is important to talk to your children about the physical move itself, explaining that our movers will be coming into your home to help you and your family. One of our priorities is making sure your children are safe while loading and unloading packages in your home. Click here for ways to help your child understand a move and why necessary safety precautions are ideal to follow. It is also important to have access to all of your child's records—school and medical—and to have them transported to your new district.

Relax! EZ Moving Services Company has you covered!
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