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We will be hiking, kayaking, skiing, camping, traveling, spending time with new and old friends, and more. This group is a fun, relaxed, and friendly group of people who love to spend time outdoors doing many different types of adventures. There are many wonderful places to visit and explore in Southern California and beyond.

The majority of our events are hiking. We are not all “hard-core 20+ miles” group but do ALL levels from Lake Elsinore Levee and Santa Rosa Plateau to Mt. Whitney and Cactus to Clouds. Many of these events incorporate camping as well. We also have conditioning hikes designed to build beginners and intermediate hikers up to enable them to participate in the more strenuous hikes.

And the best part is it’s FREE to sign up. The only costs you will incur are those associated with a particular event. We do our best to negotiate a lower price and look for the best deal. If you see a deal on a fun activity, let us know. Your input is vital to keeping this group fresh and fun so don’t be shy. Tell us what you would like to see the group do for fun and we’ll put it together.

For those of you new to Meet Up, it’s not necessary to RSVP “NO” to every event.
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