Top Rated Temecula Restaurants


Siggy's has been here forever and its nothing special at all it's just cheap and probably a step up from Denny's. They have a massive menu with just about everything you can think of. Also if you want something and it's not on the menu they may be able to make it anyway. The prices are outstanding and that's because the food it's that great but it's not the worst either. So if I want something quick but a little better than Mc Donalds I'll stop in.

Country fried steak breakfast at 9 pm was awesome! And they made us a nice shake after hours. The impressive staff here. Enjoyed the visit. Luis really hooked us up.

Back again just so much food I probably won't be able to eat dinner. Very clean help is very friendly and they are always conscientious about the food they serve. Doing a very excellent job in the community.

Siggy's is a tasty and reliable hamburger/sandwich/ breakfast, something for everyone, type place. We have been eating here for 2 1/2 years and haven't had a bad experience. My husband enjoys their kabob plate that comes with rice and a salad and their pastrami. I like their BLT, grilled cheese, and Denver omelets.  FYI, their ranch dressing is homemade and fabulous. My kids enjoy their hamburgers, chicken tenders, and pancakes.

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